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Hello, my name is justice and as you've might of noticed im a big fan of the avatar.
i'm very unpredictable when it comes to drawing, i'm either in the mood or not and usally when im not i stop drawing for months (hoping that i dont stop any time soon)
i've started a comic dealing with korra and asami finding her mothers killer.

Also for my tumblr peeps who spend most of there time on tumblr and not devianart you can see my artwork on tumblr so go ahead and check that out ^^
click here if you want to see my tumblr ----> My Tumblr

Currently at this moment i have my hands full and unfortunately can not take any commissions BUT...if it is something simple and has to do with korraasami xD i'll consider working with it but (ik there's always a but) i will only consider it. if i do not reply back then my answer was no or my hands are just to full at the moment.

Special Thanks
i want to give a very special thanks to K-Y-H-U/ IαнƒУ.
because of her i have a strong passtion to get better in my drawings and coloring.
she has inspired me so much and i just hope one day she'll notice my drawings and stop by my page and maybe even say hello ^^.
i would also like to give thanks to "denimcatfish"
his/her stories are amazing and her drawings are just as amazing.
she/he has also inspired me and is kinda the reason i created the comic i'm working on


Journal History



Memories (TY FOR 400+ WATCHERS) by Justsayinq
Memories (TY FOR 400+ WATCHERS)
so i decided to draw some after party photos with korra but ended up adding kuriva and a before party photo with korra and asami xD
idk why but i just love the whole roommate AU with korra, kuvira, and asami all living together.
anywyas i just wanna take a moment and thank all the people that's helping me push threw this loss, its been taking a huge toll on me but im trying to overcome it.
you guys are AMAZING and i appreciate everyone's concern.
and for my tumblr peeps i'll be posting this up there as well as the last photo with just korra and asami ;D cus you know...what not ^^
Cactus Juice
let me just start off by explining myslef xD
i know i told some people that the next comic page would be out long time ago but i've been going through some things latly..... 
dont wanna throw any off my personal life stories out but just know i'm struggling from a loss and trying to get back on my feet.
its been really hard to concentrate on my school work, and drawings so i've just beeen trying to do what i can and draw what distracts me and so this drawing came about xD
enjoy and i'll try to update a.s.a.p
I'm Watching You!
Okay! im very happy i was able to submit this La la la la 
i've been working on this since yesterday night, but i kept adding things and ended up not finishing it like i planned I am a dummy! 
no, i am not still needs work but i feel i did okay for my first time with no one teaching me :D
i used GIMP to make this Gif and i drew all the frams on Paint Tool SAI.
i really don't know how many frames i've done for this but im sure it's over 100.
as always tell whatca think and please enjoy ^^

p.s: for all my korrasami watchers and veiwers i will post the next comic page this up coming week a.s.a.p.
so don't worry, you'll find out what happen to asami soon...
Bubbline by Justsayinq
now that i look at this i've realized  that i haven't done a bubbline drawing in a minute Wow! 
kinda sad if you think about....
bubbline is what got me into girl on girl shipping, how could i do this to them xD
i even started a comic about them but never finished i never finish any other comic ive done -.-
but anyways please enjoy Princess Bubblegum Eyebrows Marceline Eyebrows 


:iconws235: :icontherecanbeonly01: :iconheroboy22: :icondainlord: :iconsylh:


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Niban-Destikim Featured By Owner May 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hope you are ok :aww:
Daedria-BlackStar Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Hello there , just wanted to say that your art work is really not good, but GREAT. I do not want to sound weird, but I honestly I look forward to your story-lines (korrasami or bubbline) . I just want you to know that your work does make a impact , I know it does for me it always puts a smile on my face when i see a new piece of your work. You really have no idea, but what you do helps with this "same sex gender relationship", I know it does for me. SO THANK YOU !!! Sorry for this long comment , was kind of worried to post this up ^.^ ' didn't know if i could, sorry if you don't like long stuff on here !!
Justsayinq Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg...just so you know my heart stopped when i read the first sentence.
like everything was running threw my mind at that moment and then i seen the "but Great" part. xD
but i really appreciate that you really like my art work and that it puts a smile on your face when i upload something new.
I'm sure all new and upcoming artist strive for new watchers and look out for alot of people who fav's their artwork but im different ^^
i strive for passing by veiwers and to get more comments.
to hear anyone say my artwork brings a smile to their face  feels like a HUGE accomplishment in my book and basically puts a smile on my face.
everyone has something that puts a smile on there face and im glad that my artwork is one of them 
and to tell you the truth, alot of  people might not like long comments but i look forward to them.i look forward to any comment anyone gives me, no matter how long or short.
i try to answer as many as i can and try to reply back asap.
oh and dont be afraid to say whats on your mind or anything at all, im always in and out of my inbox xD
Daedria-BlackStar Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
ooohhh I am so sorry about that I didn't mean to give you a scare Waaaah!  !!! Thats really great to hear, that you like comments really shows you care :) !!! I take pleasure finding or hearing people with that quality like that . Well I don't want to take to much of your time away, so I shall leave you be and looking forward to upcoming work ( no rush over coarse =P (Razz) ). Well have a good day or night my friend :) (Smile)   
Justsayinq Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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